Postcard Completed for Green Leaf Design

It’s such a pleasure to design a postcard for Shelby Nolan with Green Leaf Design. She designed the flowers for our wedding ceremony and reception. With a romantic, magical, baroque feel, everyone was mesmerized by her creativity. She produced exactly what I had visioned. Shelby wanted a postcard for a spring promotional. She can hand it out as a business card or mail it to her clients.

Fortus Logo Completed for Faris Lee Investments

Designing My Wedding Collateral!

Nothing is more rewarding than to finally design my own wedding and all the printed pieces that go with having a wedding. The brand turned out better then I had imagined. The whole wedding was truly a dream come true for me! Parie Petty at Western Lithographics printed the invitation, rsvp card, direction card, program, menu, table numbers, name placement cards and thank you notes as a donation to Wedding4Africa. Western Lithographics:, 714-557-4621. I highly recommend Western Lithographics! Tell them I sent you!

Photography all donated to Wedding4Africa: Triplecord, Dazzling Images, Amanda Lynn
Wedding4Africa was developed to finance a project to help orphans. Michael and I committed to raise money to build a self-sustaining orphanage, schools and farm for Emmanuel orphanage though Heart4Africa. If you’d like more information regarding our involvement please don’t hesitate to call or an email. I’d love to visit with you.

National Campaign for CrewSafe

Spellbound Development Group, Inc. is starting a new division of their company called CrewSafe. A restaurant can join the CrewSafe Alliance to benefit from discounted prices on restaurant supplies! Companies like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, CKE, Pizza Hut and Jack In The Box are all members of CrewSafe Alliance. CrewSafe came to me asking to come up with some ideas for a national campaign to draw attention to independent franchise owners to join the alliance. Using bold colors to match their website, I wrote fun attention getting headlines and imagery to motivate membership. These three inserts stack one on top of each other and is inserted into a die-cut folder to show headlines on the top.

National Ad Campaign Designed for PCCP

I designed this ad combining several different photos: the ocean, life preserver, and building image. In photoshop I used several effects and tools to create transparent water, reflection on the life preserver and building. Each photo was outlined, sliced and manipulated to create the end result.

Hillcrest Homes Logo and Stationery Completed

Once again, I enjoyed working with David Arnold to develop another logo and brand for a second company. He has a keen eye for design and color. He has good taste!

Logo and Stationery for Darwin Design

Darwin, better known as Darby, contacted me a few months ago desiring a new logo, stationery package, lawn and car signs. He’s a contractor/architect who works on beautiful homes here in Laguna Beach, California.

I Love Designing Logos!

Here are a few of my latest designs.

Branding for Hillcrest Investments

David Arnold with Hillcrest Investments contacted Jessica Spaulding Thompson and I for branding, pr and marketing. We had a great time working with him. Here is the logo and stationary package I just finished designing for him.

The Light Before Christmas Logo Completed!


Just in time for the Holiday’s! Darby Vajgrt, a long time friend, is starting a Christmas light decorating business. He’s doing it the right way by hiring me to design his logo, fliers and website. It’s obvious that Darby doesn’t take short cuts and will deliver the best quality and design. The website will launch next week,


It’s time to create a “brand” that creates excitement!

Do you need to freshen up your company’s logo, stationary, website and promotionals? WDP has drawn some great attention as a result of a more professional company image. Do what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive market. Let me take your business to the next level with a whole new look.


Wireless Development Partner Logo Completed

WDP-Logo WDP is a real estate consulting company with 25 years of experience in industrial, office, and telecommunications real estate. WDP staff has over twelve years in the wireless telecommunications field, working on the network expansions of such companies as T-Mobile, Cingular/AT&T, Nextel, Bell South, Metricom, and PageNet. WDP has experience working in the major markets of most western states (Northern and Southern California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington) along with Pennsylvania. Danny Davenport, after being recommended to me, hired me to design a new logo for his company. He didn’t want your typical wireless icon but something new and fresh. Next we’ll be working on his stationary and website.

Bear Creek Real Estate Consulting Services Logo


Bear Creek is the parent company of Wireless Development Partners and Bear Creak Solar solutions. Danny Davenport sees the importance of a company “face lift”, updating all three corporate brands to attract more costumers, winning respect and credibility. 3 new logos, two new stationary packages and next we’ll be working on the websites.

Bear Creek Solar Logo Completed


Danny Davenport appreciates good design. I just completed a logo and stationary package for him. Bear Creek Solar will be supplying solar solutions to large warehouse company’s to cut their expenses in half. Let’s go GREEN! Thank you Sun!

The CRISP Foundation logo for a great cause!

CrispLogoDr. Ronald Strahan has a heart for fixing little children’s cleft palates! It was an honor and a privilage to design his logo for him. Next I’m working on the brochure for them to hand out. The sole mission of the CRISP Foundation is to provide health care and education to underprivileged children of the world.

A child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate does not simply face aesthetic challenges, but serious congenital defects affecting their ability to drink, eat, hear and even breathe. The children of Guatemala are in desperate need of the CRISP Foundation’s (CRISP) surgical and health care services. CRISP Foundation has performed over 1400 surgeries; barely scratching the surface of the tens of thousands who need surgery. We also provide additional medical care and surgery for other congenital anomalies and/or correctable injuries. All surgeries and medical care are free of charge.

Won’t you please help CRISP provide Guatemalan children the urgent medical care they need? The cost of surgery for one child is only $250 and all donations are tax deductible. Your heart can make them smile, so please don’t wait. Donate and help sponsor a child’s surgery today!

Amy Hunter Recommenda Glenda on Linked-In

“Glenda Hoffman is a gifted artist and trustworthy professional. We have been working together for nearly 10 years on a wide range of projects for various employers and clients. In every situation, she has exceeded my client’s expectations with her sense of urgency, strategic design approach and eye for design. We worked extensively together over a two year period while I was at HomeAid to create and manage the national nonprofit’s new brand and identity. Whenever I have a project or client I’m working for where we need a graphic artist, I recommend Glenda because I can rely on her to get the job done.” July 20, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Amy Hunter
hired Glenda as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2000, and hired Glenda more than once

Pinnacle Aeronautics Logo Completed

Craig Ash came to me to help them develop a logo and company brand for Pinnacle Aeronautics, Inc. I’m very proud to be working with his team of leaders to include retired three-star Air Force officers, former executives with major corporations, award winning engineers, and aviation leaders from all sectors of the aerospace industry. They will be developing Pinnacle Aeronautics, Inc. which will be manufacture game changing next-generation Jet aircraft for personal and business customers. Pinnacle will develop these class-defying aircraft starting from a clean slate, leveraging the newest materials and methodologies. Pinnacle, being unencumbered by legacy manufacturing tools and other products, will be able to employ the newest composite technologies, and set new standards for performance, comfort, convenience, and operational flexibility.


Melissa Luker Recommends Glenda on Linked-in

“Without fail, amongst a plether of many talented individuals, Glenda’s integrity, kindness, communication skills and work ethics shine. The quality of her work, and having witnessed her exceptional communication skills, as well as her attention to detail and pleasing the client will take her far. Glenda is professional and has the ability to deliver providing the client with content and services that will set them apart from the competition. It is not difficult to predict continued success for Glenda as she is a consumer and client-minded, effective and knowledgeable with an extensive technical and creative background. This combination makes her an exceptional individual.” Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Melissa Luker

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Chris Rodrigues Recommends Glenda on Linked-in

“I have worked with Glenda several times over the past couple of years. She is very strong in concepting and color execution. Her dedication to her profession is refreshing and her work is outstanding. Chris Rodrigues COR Communications” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Chris Rodrigues

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Packaging Design



mighty file box

impulse new box

coffee box

Two Postcards Completed for Chiropractor

Dr. Ralph Umbriaco specializes in clearing people of allergies through alternative wellness care, as well as, chiropractic. Ralph personally likes very clean designs with lots of white space. Fortunately, this is how I naturally like to design!NHW-pc-1

Logo and Flier Designed for a Waterski Trip

It was a blast designing a logo and flier for the Mariners Church 20’s and 30’s singles group ski trip. I love challenging myself to see how fast I can design things… This definitely took the record!



Photographers Website Comp Completed

Terry Tigner, has been a client of mine for quite some time. Combining sales and marketing savvy with technical and operations know-how, Terry has grown sales, profits and shareholder value for startup companies, industry leaders
and Fortune 500 clients across a range of industries. A year ago he came to me wanting a resume site for his consulting business. I had a great time art directing his photo-shoot, as well as, designing his site in record breaking time. Terry’s has a side hobby of photography and wanted a website designed to show his beautiful work and travels. Here’s our final comp. The top photo flashes to the other many panoramic views he’s taken. The bottom right boxes can be clicked to get to the different photo categories. (website is not active at this time)


second page


Just finished comps for a mom’s blog.

I was asked to design a comp for a mom’s blog… This project ended up not getting the funding, but what a great idea!



Concert Poster and E-blast Designed

Rick Conkey called me needed a poster and e-blast in just a couple hours to meet his deadline. Quickly I dropped everything and designed and produced this just in time. On Wednesday, May 6th, Laguna “Artists” will be able to receive a second dose of divine inspiration (stimulus), as several of the most talented Blues artists gather to help raise spirits in a clouded time.


Newsletter designed for Prospect Mortgage: “The Laura Lee Team”

Laura Lee, with Prospect Mortgage Company, asked me to design a newsletter template for a monthly mailer. Laura Lee loved the design!

MDCI Branding Project

MDCI has been a very special client of mine for over 13 years. MDCI stands for Medical Device Consultant Inc. and is based out of Boston. Last year I was able to give them a complete company “face lift” with an all new brand. Everything changed including logo, stationary, trade-show booth, brochures, direct mail pieces, ads, and finally website. What a huge difference. Below is the brochure cover and the trade-show banner series.


Compact Clinicals Tradeshow Booth Design

Compact Clinical publishes books and articles on mental illness. With a very small budget and just a logo, I created a booth graphic using several images purchased off of istockphoto. Along with the booth design, I created 4 posters, a banner, and an eight page brochure all with the same branding. It was a very rewarding project to say the least. I was told that the booth helped facilitate Compact Clinicals being “noticed” at the show…which led to the company ultimately being sold to Jones and Bartlett Publishers.




Seven 4 One ad designed for Riviera Magazinea

PrintDan Sussman owner of Seven 4 One hotel in Laguna Beach hired me to design this ad for the Riviera Magazine May issue. Next time you’re in Laguna Beach check out this Hotel. It’s one of the only all green hotels in the area, very modern and very upbeat. You’ll love it. It takes a lot of work and money to make a hotel green! Thanks Dan for doing all the hard work it takes to help our environment and community!

CU Mortgage Tradeshow Booth

It was important for CU Mortgage to stand out at the convention with bold graphics and message for the exhibit booth. For this tradeshow booth image, I combined 4 different photos to create the desired message: the sky, grass, flying money, and red house photo. I also designed a brochure to match the booth that was displayed on the podium counter. Laure Lee Brown, owner of CU Mortgage, commented on how “wonderful” the conference went and how much attention CU Mortgage received.



“Healing Massage For You” Brochure Completed

healingmassageforyouJulie Case, Licensed Massage Therapist, came to me because she was wanting to promote her new business of healing massage. With over 10 years experience working at five star hotel spas, she has a new passion to bring affordable healing massage to her community and friends. She believes that massage can help in experiencing positive energy, happiness, peace and love from within. It can help to satisfy and nourish your mind. Specializing: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Accupressure, Reflexology, Stone Therapy, Swedish/Therapeutic. Benefits of Massage: Increase Circulation & Regulate Your Blood Flow, Relieve Stress, Reduce Muscle Pain, Relax Your Mind, Calm Your Nerves, Speeds Up Recovery Time.

Women Helping Women Logo Design

Logo design is the most important part of a company brand. A logo needs to be simple enough to stick in someone’s mind. If it’s too complicated or average unfortunately people won’t remember it. It was such a pleasure to work with Christian Brantley on designing the Women Helping Women logo. I came up with several successful designs and they fell in love with this one. He took the logo and is now running with it to design and produce all the other promotional pieces. Woman Helping Woman is non-profit organization that trains woman, clothes them in business clothes, and walks them through the interview process until they have successfully received employment.


Real Estate Website


Sherry Robinson has wanted her own website for quite sometime. She didn’t want to feel locked down to a certain company or have to pay the high monthly fees that goes along with it. Now she has the flexibility to move to any real estate company she wants without having to re-establish a new site (website in not active at this time).

Bob Tanner

Our company, Compact Clinicals, hired Glenda in 2007 to design a comprehensive branding project for our booth at the American Psychiatric Association’s international annual meeting. Glenda not only designed a fascinating booth display, but she also designed several pieces of printed materials including posters, banners and a catalog – all in coordination with the overall theme. The results were stunning! We were able to reach far more customers than ever before and we had one of the best looking booths at the show. Several other vendors complimented us on our booth and even asked us who did our design work. Due in part to Glenda’s excellent creative work, our company was first “noticed” at that show by a larger publishing company, Jones and Bartlett. In 2008, Jones and Bartlett acquired Compact Clinicals. We continue to use Glenda’s design for our booth to this day. Glenda is passionate about her work, highly professional, punctual and extremely pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Glenda’s services to anyone who is looking to take their branding projects to the next level! March 16, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Bob Tanner hired Glenda in 2007, and hired him/her more than once.

Partial client list includes:

Panasonic, Sony, Hyundia, LA Times, OCB, Alergan, Franklin, Xerox, Parker Properties, Interior Lifestyles, LBA, City of Victorville, City of Aliso Viejo, Reb Mountian, Heery, Feris Lee, Lowe Enterprises, Lennar Partners, One Source, MDCI, Blue Tree Communications, Electronic Retailer, KGA Inc., Digitrends, iMedia, Enfrastructure, Advanstar Publishing, Divine Tribe Records, KMEX-TV, IEEE Publishing, ATEN International Co., Amies Communications, MedPartners, Marriners Stationers, Picerne Investments, UCLA, and HomeAid, TrendSpotters, The Xcell Group, Compact Clinicals, CU Mortgage Advisor, HB Resources, A Wines, Auto Genomics, iMeds, Corr Communications, Dave Busk Development, I Love Inns, Rauxa Direct, Women Helping Women, Healing Massage for You, HB Resources, Seven 4 One Hotel, The Hackett Group, 65Retire, Pinnacle Air, CrewSafe, and Solovue.

Drew Lawler

It is a pleasure to recommend the services of Glenda Hoffman. Glenda undertook a project for us on a tight deadline and delivered us stunning results. Not only was the project completed on time, the creative exceeded our expectations.

Throughout the project, Glenda was open to suggestions and was able to capture the “spirit” of what we wanted to achieve with flawless execution. Beyond that, she was a pleasure to work with and her “can do” attitude was refreshing. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,
Drew Lawler

Eric Larson

Glenda’s artistic creativity has no limits, she creates very high end corporate collateral. I have had the pleasure of working with Glenda on several projects. If I had to describe Glenda Hoffman in a handful of words, I’d say she’s extremely creative, hard-working, detail-oriented, smart and a pleasure to work with. I am always confident in recommending Glenda.

Eric Larson, Owner, was with another company when working with Glenda at freelance or contract

Lisa King

Glenda does a wonderful job transforming ideas into fantastic creative design. She’s helped me with everything from small postcards to print ads to a major rebranding project. I highly recommend her services.

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
Lisa King hired Glenda as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2002, and hired Glenda more than once

Jackie Chau

I’ve worked with Glenda Hoffman on many projects over the last five years. She has consistently delivered excellent creative designs for my marketing needs.

Jackie Chau
Account Executive
Red Bus Corp.