Letter of Recommendations (more found on Linkedin)

“For as long as I’ve known Glenda she has been a constant source of creative inspiration and a valued creative partner. She has a unique ability to provide just the right visual representation of a client or project. This is because she is a great listener.”
Jessica Spaulding Thompson, President at Spaulding Thompson & Associates


“Glenda is a very talented designer with a sharp creative edge focused on delivering sound business objectives. She is a wonderful person to work with and has been a great asset to our team on several occasions. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for an expert graphic designer and great visual communicator.”
Christian Brantley, Senior Marketing & Public Relations Consultant, Designer and Public Speaker


“Glenda Hoffman is a gifted artist and trustworthy professional. We have been working together for nearly 10 years on a wide range of projects for various employers and clients. In every situation, she has exceeded my client’s expectations with her sense of urgency, strategic design approach and eye for design. We worked extensively together over a two year period while I was at HomeAid to create and manage the national nonprofit’s new brand and identity. Whenever I have a project or client I’m working for where we need a graphic artist, I recommend Glenda because I can rely on her to get the job done.”
Amy Hunter, Marketing Specialist


“I have worked with Glenda several times over the past couple of years. She is very strong in concepting and color execution. Her dedication to her profession is refreshing and her work is outstanding.”
Chris Rodrigues, Principal at COR Communications


“Without fail, amongst a plether of many talented individuals, Glenda’s integrity, kindness, communication skills and work ethics shine. The quality of her work, and having witnessed her exceptional communication skills, as well as her attention to detail and pleasing the client will take her far. Glenda is professional and has the ability to deliver providing the client with content and services that will set them apart from the competition. It is not difficult to predict continued success for Glenda as she is a consumer and client-minded, effective and knowledgeable with an extensive technical and creative background. This combination makes her an exceptional individual.”
Melissa Barker, Transactional Strategists


“Our company, Compact Clinicals, hired Glenda in 2007 to design a comprehensive branding project for our booth at the American Psychiatric Association’s international annual meeting. Glenda not only designed a fascinating booth display, but she also designed several pieces of printed materials including posters, banners and a catalog – all in coordination with the overall theme. The results were stunning! We were able to reach far more customers than ever before and we had one of the best looking booths at the show. Several other vendors complimented us on our booth and even asked us who did our design work. Due in part to Glenda’s excellent creative work, our company was first “noticed” at that show by a larger publishing company, Jones and Bartlett. In 2008, Jones and Bartlett acquired Compact Clinicals. We continue to use Glenda’s design for our booth to this day. Glenda is passionate about her work, highly professional, punctual and extremely pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Glenda’s services to anyone who is looking to take their branding projects to the next level!”
Bob Tanner, Account Executive, Jones & Bartlett Learning (Compact Clinicals)


“Glenda does a wonderful job transforming ideas into fantastic creative design. She’s helped me with everything from small postcards to print ads to a major rebranding project. I highly recommend her services.”
Lisa King, Marketing Manager at Medical Device Consultants, Inc.


“Glenda’s artistic creativity has no limits, she creates very high end corporate collateral. I have had the pleasure of working with Glenda on several projects. If I had to describe Glenda Hoffman in a handful of words, I’d say she’s extremely creative, hard-working, detail-oriented, smart and a pleasure to work with. I am always confident in recommending Glenda.”
Eric Larson, Principal at Layer Cake Marketing


“It is a pleasure to recommend the services of Glenda Hoffman. Glenda undertook a project for us on a tight deadline and delivered us stunning results. Not only was the project completed on time, the creative exceeded our expectations. Throughout the project, Glenda was open to suggestions and was able to capture the “spirit” of what we wanted to achieve with flawless execution. Beyond that, she was a pleasure to work with and her “can do” attitude was refreshing. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any further questions.”
Drew Lawler, Principal at Working Ranch Magazine