Designing AccessData’s Website

This has been one of the most rewarding projects to worked on. After finishing the site, the client loved the look-and-feel so much they used my designs to influence the company brand going forward. Managing and designing such a large project, 250+ pages, took complete dedication with original designs throughout the whole site. The two EE developers worked tirelessly and launched the site in record breaking time. We also created a secondary site to promote their 30th anniversary. Here’s a link to the actual site:



Progressing the Brand

AD Brochure

Sales Slicks for Software Company

AV-SalesSlick DC-SalesSlick  F-SalesSlick SM-SalesSlick XL-SalesSlick   DR-SalesSlick

Brightening a dreary office with glass art

I had the opportunity to design glass art for an office in London. The software company wanted to boost their employees moral by making the office atmosphere more creative.  The large illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator, pulling from the images, icons, and illustrations I used in the past to develop the brand.


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Benchmarking Animation

To see video click here:

global human resources benchmarking

Certified Enterprise Analytics Professionals Animation

certified enterprise analytics animaion

Certified Enterprise Analytics Professionals Program Overview from The Hackett Group on Vimeo.


Certified GBS Professionals Animation

certified gbs animation

Certified GBS Professionals Program Overview from The Hackett Group on Vimeo.


Hackett Institute Animation

Hackett Institute Animation from Glenda Hoffman on Vimeo.


Quantum Leap Animation