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THG Global Benchmarking Animation

Designing AccessData’s Website

AccessData hired me to design and project manage a 250 page website launch. Each page is uniquely designed with special tabs and features. She then hired me to design and manage two other sites promoting their 30th anniversary, as well as, an event. After finishing the site, the client loved the look-and-feel so much they used my designs to influence a new company brand on all their marketing pieces. (Please note: on the current site, the top sliders and the Exterro section were added later and was not designed by me. The company has since been sold to Exterro.)


Progressing the company brand

I was a VP of marketing for a legal eDiscovery software and services company. During the five year period, taking the existing logo, I grew the company image, into a much more progressive and modern brand. My goal for designing this corporate brochure was to set the company apart from competitors, in a rather dry industry, with eye-catching graphics and intriguing content. Most of the images were created by combining a several photos and effects. Picking out three words to place on the images that describe the content helped to create curiosity. Coming up with creative headlines, and working with the writer to streamline the content, gave us an effective message captured new interest.

AD Brochure

Sales Slicks for Legal Software Company

AV-SalesSlick DC-SalesSlick  F-SalesSlick SM-SalesSlick XL-SalesSlick   DR-SalesSlick

Animation to promote on social media

I’ve enjoyed designing The Hackett Group’s best practices conference graphics and animations for their virtual conference.  

Here are two other ones:

HR Recruiting Animation

Animation explaining the how Covid accellerated the shift to digital

THG Digital Transformation Animation

Intro Animations to Demos

THG Hub Intro and Quantum Leap Intro:


THG Smart Automation Intro:


THG Analytics Lab Intro:


THG Digital Transformation Intro:

Working Capital Animation

Season’s Greeting Animation

Corporate Identity Brochure

I was hired by an agency quite awhile ago to design a 12 page corporate identity brochure, launching Enfrastructure (which is now called TechSpace). The black and white images are silver duo-tones, so they have a beautiful shimmer. The brochure helped launch their new concept successfully into a thriving business today.



Brightening a dreary office with glass art

I had the opportunity to design glass art for an office in London. The software company wanted to boost their employees moral by making the office atmosphere more creative.  The large illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator, pulling from the images, icons, and illustrations I used in the past to develop the brand.


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THG Institute Animation



THG Quantum Leap Animation

This video is one of the first I designed explaining Quantum Leap for expert benchmarking. It launched a series of videos describing features and processes.

Here is another video I designed for Quantum Leap.
Here is the Quantum Leap overview video.

Hair Product Logo

summerstrands logo ol rgb

THG Digital Excelleration Suite

Technology Software Logo

HaystackID contacted me after I designed their company logo and wanted me to design a logo for an offering “ReviewRight” eDiscovery technology.


ReviewRight logo



HaystackID Logo Design

I had the privilege to work with Rob Robinson, the CMO for HaystackID LLC and legal discovery technologist, to design the new logo mark for Haystack ID. Rob and I kept in touch for years, always knowing it would be great to work together in some capacity. It paid off for us, as we had a great experience working together. They love the logo and have used it to influence their brand image across all collateral.

HaystackID logo yellow & gray RGB


A Special Website for a Special Author

Tricia Martin wanted a website designed especially with her taste in mind. Even though she sells her books on Amazon, she wanted a site where people can get to know her better, read about all her books, and follow her blog posts. We thoroughly enjoyed working together and will continue to work on the site as the days go by. Her beautiful heart reflects in her writings and after reading her work I found myself feeling very calm and peaceful. Her website can be viewed at:

Tricia Martin Website

A Holiday Card Animation

It has been fun designing The Hackett Group holiday card animations every year for the last 10 years. This is such a nice way to wish a happy holiday to a large group.

2019 holiday animation:


2018 holiday animation:

View Animation

 2017 Holiday Card.png

QuantumLeap Marketing Package

Worked with The Hackett Group to create the brand for QuantumLeap. Designed the ad, sells sheet, video animation and a kiosk to hold the monitor… a quick turn around for a trade show that proved to be a big success.

quantum leap marketing package


Designing an Event Website

I had the pleasure of designing this event website promoting a partner conference in Dublin. Top navigation pulls you down the page instead of to another page. Here’s the link to the site:

Dublin Invite website

Retractable banner for Okura

Retractable banners for Advanced Depositions


Designing postcards for Advanced Depositions





Banner ads… capturing attention, clicks, ROI…

Looking back at my work done back in 2014. I designed these banner ads in hopes to grab attention and it worked.  ALM contacted me with reports that these ads broke records in having the most clicks throughs. Nice to know!


AdvDis Banner Ads

Designing Advanced Depositions Logo website and Brand

Starting with the logo, colors and fonts then off running to design the website, brochure, letterhead, advertisements, retractable banners… (currently the design of the website has compromised)


Trifold brochure:







Advanced Discovery Retractable Banners

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 6.12.31 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 6.13.21 PM

Developing the Advanced Discovery Brand

I wanted to create a warm and inviting brand that’s professional and friendly. I updating their colors by brightening the hues, updating the corporate logo by decreasing the size of the icon, choose a specific font to match, designed the technology logos, designed and produced content for the website and multiple brochures, e-blasts, webinars, invitations, banners and all promotional materials. The company has been receiving the due attention a well defined brand deserves! (This website is no long active.)




Multiple Brochures



E-blasts Design Projects

Branding a Building

Lisa with LightWorks has a great vision of developing the LightWorks corporate brand throughout the whole building. This is the beginning of finalizing the comps and developing the final art. Here’s the front and back entrance windows.

The Hackett Group Trade Show Booth Design

The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT), a global strategic business advisory, operations consulting and finance strategy firm, is a leader in business best practices, business benchmarking, and transformation consulting services including strategy and operations, working capital management, and globalization advice. Utilizing business best practices and implementation insights from more than 5,000 business benchmarking engagements, executives use The Hackett Group’s empirically-based approach to quickly define and implement initiatives to enable world-class performance.

The Hackett Group REL Newsletter and Survey Completed

These pieces are 24 and 20 pages, including charts, graphs, and photos of information regarding global business practices. The Hackett Group (NASDAQ: HCKT), a global strategic business advisory, operations consulting and finance strategy firm, is a leader in business best practices, business benchmarking, and transformation consulting services including strategy and operations, working capital management, and globalization advice.

Website Comps Completed

A company hired me to design some website comps that will sell jewelry to young girls. She ended up not going forward with the project.

Will Peterson Agency Logo Design

Will Peterson Agency, in San Antonio, Texas, hired me to design a logo for his company. He wanted the “Big City Know How – Hill Country Sensibilities” feel. I included some low res website mastheads comps to show him how the logo could be most effective.

Logo Completed for Vitamin D Fitness!

Dara Sandrini, a friend of mine, came to me wanting a logo for her new personal fitness and training business venture. I wanted to design a logo that was personal to her so we took inspiration from her tattoo and turned it into a logo! It fits her personality perfectly. Now she’s getting requests for t-shirts and hats!

Brochure for Solove Software

Solove is a local company, who created this software because of a need in their current store, Oreo. This is a three panel foldout brochure. Created the cover shot using three different photos.

The Hackett Group Invitation to Hear Tim Tebow


Museum of Natural History Invitation

The Hackett Group contacted me to create an invitation inviting their distinguished guests to a cocktail hour at the Museum of Natural History. The exhibit had the largest displays of dinosaurs. I designed an invitation that had a die-cut around the dinosaur, opening to full-bleed greens. It was a big success and created excitement and momentum.

Postcard Completed for Green Leaf Design

It’s such a pleasure to design a postcard for Shelby Nolan with Green Leaf Design. She designed the flowers for our wedding ceremony and reception. With a romantic, magical, baroque feel, everyone was mesmerized by her creativity. She produced exactly what I had visioned. Shelby wanted a postcard for a spring promotional. She can hand it out as a business card or mail it to her clients.

Fortus Logo Completed for Faris Lee Investments

Designing My Wedding Collateral!

Nothing is more rewarding than to finally design my own wedding and all the printed pieces that go with having a wedding. The brand turned out better then I had imagined. The whole wedding was truly a dream come true for me! Parie Petty at Western Lithographics printed the invitation, rsvp card, direction card, program, menu, table numbers, name placement cards and thank you notes as a donation to Wedding4Africa. Western Lithographics:, 714-557-4621. I highly recommend Western Lithographics! Tell them I sent you!

Photography all donated to Wedding4Africa: Triplecord, Dazzling Images, Amanda Lynn
Wedding4Africa was developed to finance a project to help orphans. Michael and I committed to raise money to build a self-sustaining orphanage, schools and farm for Emmanuel orphanage though Heart4Africa. If you’d like more information regarding our involvement please don’t hesitate to call or an email. I’d love to visit with you.

National Campaign for CrewSafe

Spellbound Development Group, Inc. is starting a new division of their company called CrewSafe. A restaurant can join the CrewSafe Alliance to benefit from discounted prices on restaurant supplies! Companies like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, CKE, Pizza Hut and Jack In The Box are all members of CrewSafe Alliance. CrewSafe came to me asking to come up with some ideas for a national campaign to draw attention to independent franchise owners to join the alliance. Using bold colors to match their website, I wrote fun attention getting headlines and imagery to motivate membership. These three inserts stack one on top of each other and is inserted into a die-cut folder to show headlines on the top.